When I was a child, the word “toy” was probably my favorite word in the world; it ranked at least as high as the word “candy.” However, if you did a survey of all adults ages 18-100, their definition of “toy” would be of something somewhat frivolous. And they would most likely categorize preschool toys as something only a child would want or need.

Toy manufacturers know that toys bring joy, and they also bring lifelong learning experience. Hence, simple happiness and play are far from being the main objectives of preschool toys. This happiness has collateral value as they give parents a break by occupying their curious, busy youngsters.

However, the actual, slightly covert purpose of any toy is to provide education and development skills. Therefore, exposure to toys starts as soon as a baby notices a stimulus. And once that baby grows into a toddler, he or she is ready for the wide world of preschool toys.

Let's explore the Top Ten preschools toys that’re hot on the market and available now. A large online vendor can supply everything you need during your search for the most popular preschool toys:


1) Crayola Colored Pencils

Allow your little ones to color their own worlds by checking out this great set of colored pencils.

Crayola's pencils are made from reforested wood, so they won’t endanger rainforests or hardwoods. The beauty of this product is that it’s beneficial for ages 4 through 94. Studies have proven that coloring is advantageous for all ages. And these pencils have a softer texture than those of yesteryear, so they don’t scratch and tear the paper.

This top-selling box of colored pencils has 50 assorted colors, and it comes pre-sharpened in Crayola's traditional packaging. There’s also a second variety available from Crayola, which  boasts some brighter colors that may have more appeal for adults.


2) Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Music is an ageless, aesthetic training tool. Studies have shown that music can enhance all academic topics, including math and reading. Add music to a colorful, easy-to-hold caterpillar, and you have a winner of a preschool toy. Better yet, the tunes that your child can easily toggle through are classical melodies (such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini).

Your child will also delight in the colorful lights that dance across the view-friendly screen. They enhance the entire experience.

In consumer reviews on Amazon, this toy has earned an impressive 4.7 out of 5.0. Take a peak at this cute little guy.


3) Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum with Real Suction and Sounds

As mentioned, preschools toys provide educational and academic growth, socialization, and life skills. It’s amazingly impressive that this replica of an actual Dyson ball vacuum cleaner is a top preschool toy.

This adorable toy actually provides some real suction and has a removable debris holder. When the unit is in operation, there are colorful balls that fly around the visible cylinder in a vortex motion.

This Dyson vacuum toy appears to be a great way to introduce your children to the real world of housekeeping. Although the price of this toy may be higher than some of the others in the Top Ten, watch for seasonal discounts.

This amazing appliance swivels like the actual adult Dyson vacuum, and it provides physical exercise to youngsters three years old and up. Since exercise has recently come to the forefront as a deficit among our children, toys that provide physical movement are growing in popularity.

Show your child that life is good even when it, um, sucks. Get your own baby Dyson right here.


4) Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors

This Play-Doh 10-Pack is an Amazon exclusive! Even Baby Boomers remember this popular, creative learning toy. Life is all about shaping, forming, and creating things. So it makes sense that a youngster would get great joy from forming all kinds of things out of this age-old, pliable, nontoxic material. Your children will enhance their fine-motor skills while they’re building their creative potential.

While this product is rated a top preschool toy, it’s important to note that this bestseller has received some moderate reviews, due to the containers being small. With that said, it appears that Play-Doh continues to be a favorite pastime and toy for youngsters, and it’s up to the consumer to decide which units they purchase.


5) VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

One of the most impressive aspects of this toy is its appeal to very young toddlers (and even infants who’re mobile). This interactive, colorful little dump truck helps teach some primary numbers and colors. Its little "boulders" can be loaded and unloaded into the bed of the truck, which is an obvious assist in developing motor function for little ones. Furthermore, if Daddy or Mommy work with heavy equipment in their occupation, this toy offers a great emulation of their real-life job.

The red and yellow durable plastic and blue trim are complemented by three "boulders": orange, green and blue.

Reviews of the Drop and Go Dump Truck include several from happy parents that claim that their babies were enjoying the toy when they were as young as nine months old. In fact, this item earned an extremely impressive 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon's reviews.

Introduce your little one to a lifelike replica of the workplace dump truck.


6) Nuby Purple Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Educators everywhere have had endless professional-development training sessions—that  analyze colors as they apply to learning and personalities. Purple is the color of creativity, activity, diversity, and gregariousness. Hence, it’s no wonder that this adorable, happy octopus is purple.

He has a personable, contagious smile on his little face, and he’s just fun to look at. Your child will soon learn two words: “octo” means eight, and an octopus’ appendages toy are actually called tentacles. 

Included with the little octopus are eight colorful rings. When your child attempts to toss the rings onto each tentacle, it’ll enhance their hand/eye coordination.

It’s also notable that this tub-and-pool pal is very price-friendly. He lists on Amazon.com for only $6.99 plus shipping (regularly $7.99). Pull one in from the ocean by clicking this link.


7) Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Musical Maracas

The infamous baby rattle has been a renowned infant toy for centuries. Organic products (such as gourds) were turned into rough toys by our ancestors. A trip to a toy store will produce a myriad of individual baby rattles.


Fisher-Price has essentially produced a hybrid of the classic baby rattle and the musical instrument. Your child will have a rattle for each hand with this set of musical maracas. The end opposite the rattling end is soft and cushioned, so the child won’t clobber anyone with their new toy.

They’re colorful, safe, and price-friendly. Several consumer reviews indicate satisfaction with the soft padding on one end of each rattle. The color scheme of the maracas make them great for either gender. And better yet, they’re appropriate gifts for baby showers when the gender of the expected new one hasn’t been revealed.

The review average score is 4.3, but the most recent reviews are almost entirely 5 stars. Enhance your little one's musical intrigue and self-entertainment with these maracas.


8) Oliasports 24 Pokemon Action Figures

These trendy preschools toys will only appreciate in value once your little one is a parent or grandparent. They’re based on a theme that will forever be popular nostalgia from the 1990s and early 21st Century.

These little Pokemon figurines are small; they measure less than 2" each. So it’s important to emphasize that these little toys are NOT for toddlers. They’re advertised as decorations (such as cupcakes or cake toppers), party favors, and game prizes.

There are numerous disclaimers made by the seller about the fact that there are no guarantees about which Pokemon figurines are included in each batch. This factor is in line with Pokemon cards, as the consumer buys a sealed package with no guarantee about the selection inside.

Although listed as a top seller, this popular item appears to be one that should be approached with the disclaimer "buyer beware."


9) Barbie Happy Birthday Doll

What better gift for your child than the classic doll who’s been around over fifty years? This Barbie doll is already dressed in classic pink birthday attire, and she comes to your party bearing a little gift in her hand.

It should be noted that the item contains a disclaimer that the doll contains small parts, so it’s not appropriate for children under age 3. The fine print also indicates that although Barbie is dressed in a glamorous, sparkly pink birthday dress, some color and design variations may occur.

The listing reminds consumers of Barbie's motto, "With Barbie, you can be anything!" She’s a doll who’ll put an eager smile on any youngster's face.

As a collectible, this toy should appreciate in value over time. This particular Barbie is so popular that she’s even earned a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

The site claims that there are only nine left in stock, so visit this webpage today if you’re interested in purchasing this classic doll for your little one.


10) LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game in a Blue Tin

Not only has this item earned an extremely impressive 5 stars out of 5, it can be purchased now for 29% off.

This clever learning game is created by Trinkets, etc., and marketed by Amazon. Although it’s listed with popular preschool games, reviews indicate that it’s also a popular game for ages 5 through 95! It’s a game based on simple luck: the toss of the di. The reviews themselves are a great impetus to purchase this seemingly simple dice game.

In their reviews, consumers mention that they had a great time playing this game at parties with persons of all ages.



The internet has made shopping as simple as typing in some information on the keyboard and sitting back to wait for the letter carrier to ring the doorbell. All of these popular toys and games mentioned in this article have proven popular with preschoolers, older children, and even adults.