Music is one of the biggest things that connect us to each other. No matter what our differences are, we can usually make a connection through music. With so many different genres, there’s no shortage of tunes to make an impact on lives.

Hearing an old song can take you back to a great memory or remind you of someone you haven't seen in a while. You can have so much fun by listening to music.

The wonderful benefits of music can actually start in the womb. Introduction to music early in life relates to advanced speech levels, quicker learning, and academic success.

By choosing the best songs for your child during their most impressionable age (preschool), you can set them up for a life filled with success. The following songs combine movement, learning, and other important early-childhood skills. They’ll help your child grow and learn to the best of their ability!


Green Grass Grows All Around

This fast-paced song is terrific for getting children involved in the lyrics of songs. It goes through a list of the parts of a tree and repeats them with accompanying hand movements.

The lyrics include ‘a tree in the hole,’ in which the ‘green grass grows all around.’ It consistently repeats these lyrics while adding more factors to the song. By the time the song is over, children will have a long list of lyrics that they’ll remember.

They can also repeat choreography to go with the song. This song helps children with memory, object order, and gross-motor movement. So it’s a beneficial part of your daily playlist!


Run Baby Run

This song is a nice break from the usual selections you hear for preschoolers. From the mastermind of “Caspar Babypants,” this song is fun for both children and adults. He sings through a list of movements: run, jump, clap, spin, dance, sing, and swing.

Children will learn by recognizing these words and completing the action that’s sung. “Run Baby Run” is like a sung version of ‘”Simon Says.” Kids get to burn off steam while reaping other benefits (such as listening skills, word association, and gross-motor skills).


If You’re Happy and You Know It

This kid's classic is a well-known, loved song. Kids will clap their hands, stomp their feet, and shout hooray. Then they’ll combine all three actions. They must carefully listen to the lyrics for instructions, then follow along with the actions.

“If You’re Happy and You Know It” helps teach children to recognize key words, identify body parts, follow instructions, and multitask (when they combine the choreography). This classic has many benefits that have helped it earn its spot on this list of best preschool songs.


The Hokey Pokey

We’ve all shaken ‘it all about’ to this song at least once. Children will identify body parts and learn to distinguish between left and right. Word association and gross-motor movement are some of the great lessons learned through this song.

This song gets them up and moving, and it helps them learn without them even knowing it!


Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

This is a great song to get kids up and ready to move. It starts out slow. Then it asks children to touch various part of their body, which allows them to get comfortable with the lyrics of the song.

As the verse repeats, the pace quickens—which forces kids to anticipate what the next lyrics are and keep up with the song. Children will get excited as they practice learning their body parts, memorizing, and increasing pace.


ABC Song

The alphabet is the building block of the English language. Every word in the dictionary is made up of a combination of letters from the alphabet. So it makes sense that the alphabet is important for preschoolers to learn.

Adding letters to a catchy tune helps little ones remember them and their order. The ABC song is important to learn, so that preschoolers can work their way toward reading!



“BINGO” is a fun kid’s song that’s quite educational. Everyone is familiar with this upbeat clapping song. As the verses repeat, drop a letter and clap in its place until. Finally, you clap five times, instead of saying any letters.

“BINGO” helps kids understand that separate letters make up words. Also, by having to clap instead of saying certain letters, each verse teaches restraint and tests listening skills. This song is great for teaching about the basics of spelling, letter recognition, and gross-motor coordination. “BINGO” teaches so many skills, and it’s a fun song to sing!


Old McDonald

This song is a children's classic! By singing about Old McDonald’s many different farm animals, you go on a tour through his farm. After singing the animal name, the next part of the song requires making the sounds the animals make.  

Since there’s no set order for the animals, children must use their listening skills to know what's coming next. “Old McDonald: is a catchy tune that teaches memory, animal sounds, and rhythm.



The next time you find yourself struggling to teach an important lesson to a child, remember the benefits of music. Then decide if a song may be your solution. From phonics to memorization, songs made for preschoolers can open educational doors in a fun way.

There’s so much learning to be done through music. By singing songs that’re tailored to preschoolers, you can teach and play at the same time. The lessons learned through music will not soon be forgotten.