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Global Educator Initiative

Preschool of the Arts was honored to host a group of ten principals and early childhood educators from China. We were chosen as a model school by the Association of China-US Cultural Communication and Education (ACCCE) led by Irene Ran who also acted as translator. The delegates from Chongquing, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shenzhen and Taiyan came to tour the school in order to bring back innovative educational models to their programs. They first arrived at our main campus on 19th Street where they toured classrooms, observed our children in Lunch Bunch, and walked through our new Children’s Art Gallery. The tour continued at our Cultural Arts Center where they visited The Living Library, atelier and theater. They were fascinated by the atelier and the unique materials we offer the children. They were also amazed at the level of drawing and images done by the students at this age!


Becky presented a slide show explaining the concept of provocations and the importance of instilling learning skills that the children own and which will become life skills that are transferable to many different areas throughout their future. The delegates were excited to meet some of our students and parents, noting the warmth of our family partnership and commenting on how surprising it was to hear “no crying” with such young children. Amongst the many things that impressed them, we were most proud of their comments on the level of independence that we encourage in our students and the individualized attention given to each child. This is very different from their educational model and something we are glad to have modeled during this cultural exchange. Indeed, it was an honor to be chosen to share in this dialogue and we feel enriched as a school by having exchanged ideas with other talented educators.

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