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Our early childhood program is led by and inspired through collaboration between our school director, pedagogista, atelierista, and student development coordinator. Their vision is masterfully carried out by our team of superb teachers. Our roles and visions continually evolve as we interact with and observe our children and reexamine our understanding of educational and psychological theory. Through this self-reflective approach, we synthesize contemporary pedagogy with our personal understanding of each and every child.

Professional, dedicated, and loving- these words speak volumes about the team at Preschool of the Arts. Equipped with years of study and professional experience, our staff strives continuously to respond to the individual needs of each child. Employing cutting-edge methodology and liberal doses of warm, loving care, our staff creates activities that engage children’s natural curiosities.

As Anatole France once said, “The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” Teachers inspired by the Reggio approach to early childhood education believe that children’s innate desire to interact with others greatly affects both cognitive and social development. With that in mind, Preschool of the Arts’ staff creates a supportive environment conducive to the co-construction of knowledge between teachers and children. As co-constructors, our teachers have multiple, fluid roles as collaborators, researchers, and learners based on the needs of the children and the demands of the explorative learning activity.


Sarah Rotenstreich
Founder & Executive Director


A highly regarded early childhood educator, leader and author, Sarah has a respected reputation that extends nationally and internationally.

An expert in child development and academic skill-building, Sarah authored Curriculum of the Arts, a holistic preschool curriculum used by over 300 schools worldwide. Passionate about sharing the latest in contemporary early childhood education, she has also lectured to thousands of educators at an International Directors Conference and conducted many workshops at Reggio-inspired conferences for educators. A consultant for hundreds of schools around the globe, she has actively supported the establishment of quality Early Childhood programs throughout the US, Asia, Canada and Israel.   Read more...


Sarah Paikin
Head of School


Sarah Joined POTA in 2018 bringing with her a wealth of experience in Education and Leadership. Throughout her career, Sarah has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, experiential, child-entered learning and building meaningful partnerships with families and communities.

Sarah is committed to providing a quality education to all and as such, has served diverse communities throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester where she functioned as a thought partner to school and community leadership, writing curricula for both formal and informal educational settings.  Since Sarah believes that education begins at home and that fostering a meaningful home-school connection is essential to developing the whole child, she has spearheaded inter-generational, family and parenting programs focused on child development, socialization and the arts.

Sarah is as passionate about educating faculty as she is about educating children.  A skilled leader, she has always been the driving force for a progressive, Reggio inspired and child-centered approach to learning.  Her passion for innovation and modern educational philosophies and pedagogies has come alive in the workshops and training programs she has created for teachers and administrators.  

Sarah has unified hundreds of educators and families around her vision to bring children and families an education that is relevant, meaningful and enriching.



Sarah O'Halloran, M.S. Ed.
Chelsea/Flatiron Director

Miri Karisik, M.S. Ed    Greenwich Village Director

Miri Tenenbaum, M.S. Ed
Greenwich Village Director


Chloe Gottlieb, M.S. Ed.
Cooper Sq. Director


Renee Bock, M.S. Ed.
Gramercy Park Director




Elana Steltzer
Learning Specialist & Music Instructor


Anna Bashkatova
Chelsea Administration


Anna Schalhoub
Greenwich Village Administration


Chaya Mushka Kahanov


Jessica Cure
Cooper Sq. Administration


Alexandra Maniacci
Gramercy Park Administration


Leah Malka Weinstein


Julie Barel
Flatiron Administration



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