The J. Klaynberg Gallery

Our NYC preschool maintains its own art gallery -the J. Klaynberg Gallery-that is quickly gaining distinction in the New York City art world. It features the works of renowned as well as emerging artists. Our children have a unique opportunity to view and enjoy the various artistic exhibitions. Being surrounded by art of this caliber diversifies the children’s artistic experience and inspires their own creativity and work.


The Indoor Garden

Our blossoming indoor garden is centrally located in Chelsea Main Campus. There our children plant grass and seasonal plants and, with the support of their teachers, work diligently to maintain its beauty and vitality. Our garden enlivens our school environment and brings nature inside for the pleasure of our children and school families. Tending our garden fosters responsibility, as well as children’s feelings of competency, self-esteem and pride. Additionally, the garden area provides the optimal setting for engaging lessons pertaining to nature and the environment.


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